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Recovery Coach Professional Volunteer Hours Fulfillment Agreement

Step 1 - Your Information

In an effort to make Recovery Coach Professional Designation affordable to everyone we now offer an installment option. Please complete step 1 by completing your personal information below to continue to step 2.

Step 2 - Employment Information

Please complete Step 2 by completing your employment information to continue.

Step 3 - Agreement for Volunteer Hours

Agreement for Volunteer Hours in Exchange for Recovery Coach Professional Training Discount

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  • Agreement for Volunteer Hours

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I agree to provide the City of Angels Training Institute of New Jersey a minimum of (See volunteer hours), of which 50% will be attributed to Recovery Coaching. I understand that a mutually agreeable time will be arranged that meets my current schedule and or a time that fulfills the required minimum hours listed. Please select your level of commitment.

Please select the training you are interested in attending

Should the volunteer commitment hours you designated in exchange for training with COATI not be fulfilled within the time agreed upon, the balance owed will be prorated and an invoice will be sent to the address you have listed with COATI within 30 days of the breach of this agreement. By entering your name, you agree to these terms of the COATI Volunteer Hours Fulfillment Agreement.

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